Token Sale

Pre-Sale and ICO

Pre-Sale Revenue

Distributed Immediately

All BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC collected during pre-sale will be immediately available for Don't Panic Consulting to use for the AO Blockchain project.

ICO Revenue

Held in Escrow

All BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC collected during the ICO will be held in a 3-of-5 Coinbase Vault. Revenue from ICO will be released when AOC is released.


Get AOC For Free

Everyone is eligible for a referral bonus. If you get in during the pre-sale, you get 5%, during the ICO 2%. Watch our blog and newsletter for more info.

Pre-Sale Bonus

2x the Coin

If you participate in the pre-sale, you will get double the AOC at the end of the ICO. This is our reward for partnering with us early in the process.

ICO Beta

Proof of Concept for Coin

The ICO will be started once a Beta of the AO Blockchain System is read. All core functionality, the web wallet, and initial delegates will be completed prior to ICO launch.

Refunds / Compliance

Utility Token

The AOCoin you are buying during the Pre-Sale is used for the operation of the AO Blockchain. Not subject to securities law. All transactions are non-refundable.

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ether
  • Litecoin

Fast Facts

  • ~9 Quintillion

    Maximum number of coins supported by AO Blockchain.

  • 101 Delegates

    Minimum number of delegates. 1 Delegate per identity.

  • 5 Blockchains

    Multiple blockchains to increase delegate efficiency across the system.

Fundraising Process

01. Pre-Sale

Until all 500,000,000 AOC available for the pre-sale is sold, the pre-sale will run. This will help fund the development and ICO marketing efforts.

02. Development

Continuing through the pre-sale, and the ICO, development of a beta version of the AO Blockchain will be created, tested, and demonstrated to the world.

03. Marketing

During development, and through the pre-sale, a marketing team will be assembled to present AO Blockchain as professionally as possible, backed by great support.

04. ICO

In May of 2018, the ICO will commence. 400 Billion AOC will be released to sale to the public. First come, first served.

05. Production Launch

Once the ICO is complete, a full development team will be built to finalize the development of the AO Blockchain, conduct a full audit of the production systems for code and security errors, and then release AO Blockchain to the public.

06. Continued Development

Once the AO Blockchain is released to production, the system will continue to be developed on, with security fixes and authorized features delivered seamlessly, and autonomously to the delegates and registered nodes.