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What is the AO Blockchain System?

A Blockchain for Business, Banking, and Investments

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How does it work?

AO Blockchain System Details

A comprehensive system designed to cover all aspects of the blockchain from development, to delegation, to deployment, and everything in between. No matter if you are developing a new blockchain, or implementing a private iteration of the AO Blockchain, you will have the tools you need.




The bedrock of the system

Assets are at the core of the AO Blockchain System. Track individual assets value over time, assign shares to assets to sell on the exchange, or transfer ownership of an entire asset, or a quantity of the asset to someone else with a smart contract, assets make everything possible.

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Make use of any currency

In addition to using AOCoin to run the network, AO Blockchain System can support any and all cryptocurrencies. Initially supporting BTC, LTC, ETH, and BCH, in conjunction with the built-in exchange, an AO Blockchain user will be able to buy, sell, trade, and otherwise use any currency.

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Participate in the system

Everyone who holds AOCoin has a say. Participate in the network by voting on delegates, and the next new features. Delegates can even vote to help maintain the value of the currency by modifying the network or injecting AOCoin to keep inflation down.

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Buy, Sell, Trade, Use

The built-in Exchange of the AO Blockchain system is fully decentralized, taking advantage of the blockchain for processing trades, and smart contracts for scripting more complex trades, sells, and buys on the exchange. The exchange will initially support BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, and of course, AOCoin. Following soon after with the banking gateway development will be USD and Euro.

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Baked in Identity and Compliance

Finally, baked into the blockchain, a complete identity solution. Useable by anyone on the AO Blockchain System, the blockchain itself is an identity provided. When coupled with identity verification services, AO Blockchain System can provide complete AML / KYC compliance for companies around the world. Identities are controlled by the identity owner, who can share their identity with anyone, or no-one.

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Automated Contracts for Everyone

The built-in smart contracts system enables standard actions to be taken across the AO Blockchain System. Everything from standard service contracts that are connected to project management tools, to managing your entire stock / currency portfolio on the built in exchange, contracts on the AO Blockchain System are easy to use, configure, and share with others around the world.

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